Environmental Monitoring

ASC GULF is partnered with various Environmental Equipment manufacturers across the world. They are approved by various regulatory authorities like US-EPA, MCERTS, GOST, China-MEP etc. Our equipment also tested by third party verifiers like TUV for quality. 

ASC GULF provide complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing and Training of these equipment. 

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station

Air Quality Monitoring Equipment to monitor Ambient Gases like SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, Methane Hydrocarbons, Non-Methane Hydrocarbons, BTEX, 1,3-Butadiene, EDC, Chlorine etc.

Fenceline Monitoring

Fenceline Monitoring as per Royal Commission guidelines to cover the complete fence of the plant. We can measure variety of parameters with the help of our OEM. 

The major gas parameters where we can provide solution as below

Continuous Emission Monitoring

We provide both sampling and non-sampling Continuous Emission Monitoring as per regulatory authority guidelines and End User requirement. We provide tailored solutions with low maintenance and good performance.

Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems


PEMS are used for continuous monitoring of emission at stationary sources. PEMS define the relationship between a number of characteristic process parameters of an emission source and corresponding emission concentration. 

PEMS is a software-based data acquisition system that is connected to the Distributed Control System (DCS). Software (AI) based monitoring i.e No gas analyzers (no maintenance)!

Monitoring of primary pollutants NOx, SOx, CO along with O2, CO2, VOC, HCl, NH3, H2S etc. PEMS provide a reasonable alternative to CEMS where there is a reliable and predictable correlation between plant operating conditions and emissions. 

Our OEM is the pioneer in Data Handling Systems and Emission monitoring.

Water Monitoring

Measurement of pH, Turbidity, Conductivity, TOC, BOD, Chlorine and many more metals in all types of water.

Airport Air Quality Monitoring

Airport Emissions Monitoring.

Environmental Consultancy

ASC GULF also provides services for Environmental Consultancy & Studies as per NCEC and Royal Commission compliance. ASC GULF has well trained and certified personnel to conduct Environmental and related studies as mentioned below.